If You Had One Thing to Teach a New RB User What Would it Be?

Our new developer is starting soon and I’m in the let’s hurry up and gather as much information stage.  I’ve purchased the relevant books and gathered up the old issues of RB Developer magazine.  I’ve even put together the care package of essential plugins and tools.  So now what?

I think back to when I first started out on VB6 and later in REALbasic.  I figured them out by being thrown into the deep end and researching my way out of it.  If memory serves, even as an electrical engineer dealing with obscure documentation, schematics and so on, that’s what I did.  But, that’s probably not the best way of doing it and I certainly don’t want to discourage a new employee.

We all like REALbasic – that’s why we’re here.  But it’s not like you can can come in cold and expect a new RB user to understand all of the subtler or more complex issues right away.  While RB is easy to use and understand there is a learning curve and making a good RB app seems more like an art form than a science.

How do you get an experienced VB6 and .NET developer up-to-speed on REALbasic?  Do you throw them into the deep end with a new project?  Let them do some updates to an existing project?  Or is that too much, too soon and I’m just going to have to let them ‘figure it out’ and ask questions for a while?