So What Can We Do For REALbasic?

I have my wish list for what RB can do for us.  Now, to be campy, what can we do to help REALbasic?

Become Part of the Beta Program
Use the beta versions and report any issues that come up.  It’s fairly simple and it’s definitely a way to give back to the RB community.  Less bugs is always good in my mind.  It’s also free.

Help Other Users in the Forums and NUG
There is a core set of users that patrol the forums and the NUG list and answer questions.  More people are needed to answer questions.  RS recently added some new moderators which might be another area you could volunteer for though you’ll have to have a long track record before becoming a moderator.

Provide Feedback Through the Proper Channels
Find a bug in RB?  Feel free to complain about it in the forums, but the best place to do it is their Feedback System.  If you’re not using the Feedback system you can rest assured that your bug will not get fixed unless an RS engineer stumbles upon it.

What else do you think we can do to help out?