We Are Not The Only Ones

I ran across this blog entry dated November, 2005 from a supposed Microsoft Employee talking about Visual Studio 2005.
Among the highlights are the comments:
•    Visual Studio 2005 has too many bugs
•    Was VS 2005 shipped too early?
•    VS 2005 IDE crashing
•    “Alarming Issues” with VS 2005
•    Not all Microsoft divisions are using Visual Studio

Why do I bring this up?  With RB 2008 due to ship soon, I thought it nice to put things into perspective.  The worlds LARGEST software company with nearly unlimited resources (money and manpower) rewrote their development studio and it had bugs.  Yes, bugs.  And people complained about them.  A lot.

Real Software is tiny compared to Microsoft.  So let’s give them credit where credit is due.  They don’t have the same resources but are eating their own dog food (i.e. using RB to develop RB) and have to deal with all the crap that goes on with Apple, Microsoft and Linux operating systems.

Thank you to the developers at RS!  🙂