Real World Bound

Friday is my session on “Managing your REALbasic Software or Contracting Business.”  That’s a lot of ground to cover in an hour so hopefully we’ll have enough time.  I’m hoping that attendance will be as good as last years’ session because it gave me all the ideas for this session as well a fuel for all the topics you’ve read about here and in my RB Developer magazine column.

Probably the bigger event (for me at least) is Friday morning at breakfast.  Real Software has graciously allowed to let us use one of the rooms to talk about the Association of REALbasic Professionals or ARBP.  The agenda is to discuss and vote on the formation of the association.  Assuming we get a majority vote we’ll then nominate and elect officers for the first year.

There is an official website up and running for the association if you are curious.  You will find current news and the proposed bylaws of the association there.  You can find it at

If you have any comments or ideas, please email me at