Nice To See That They’re Asking

I find this very encouraging.  It says, to me, that Real Software is serious about listening to its users.  It suggests that they’re at least thinking about making some changes to RBScript in a future release and want feedback before they do it.  That’s a huge and very welcome change in my opinion.

Obviously Real Software will take care of itself first and foremost, but if they’re going to do work for themselves, they might as well ask the users how they’re using it and how they’d like it to work.  We all know that once you go in and start working on a major piece of code it’s always easier to do it all than to revisit it again in six months.  Can you remember the details of code you wrote six months ago?

I  encourage you RBScripter’s to take the survey at

Since I’m not an RBScript user I’d love to hear your take on the survey and what sorts of information you gleaned from it (if any).