Web Apps The Future?

Some things like undo, feature rich controls, keyboard shortcuts and modifier keys, application-wide drag and drop, and copy and paste of application objects are just a few of the things that I just find myself missing terribly.  We spent 8 hours yesterday using a web app and in the long run we went to a text editor to figure out stuff before we entered it into the web app because it was just too painful and too slow to do it directly using the tool.  The application designer in me was screaming, “No!  You only have to do this to get this to work properly!  It’s easy!”

When we first started using this tool a lot of people commented that is was one of the nicest web apps they had ever seen.  I hope that’s not the case for web apps in general.

Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on web apps.  I make desktop applications and I do them well so my comments should not be construed as an opening salvo in some online vs. desktop app war.  What I’m really asking for is web experts to tell me what I’m missing.

There are very obvious reasons why web apps are a great idea.  There is no distribution and installation issues.  I get it.  All you need is a web browser.  But honestly, as an end user that has to use these apps in a day in and day out, I want (nay demand) that my applications have all the buzzers and bells that I have in my desktop apps.

So are there any examples of web apps that are as feature rich as my desktop apps or am I living in a fantasy world?  What’s the best language for developing feature rich web apps?