HTMLViewer Replacement

While HTMLViewer isn’t totally evil, I would say that developers looking for web browser-like capabilities should look elsewhere.  But therin lies the real kicker since there are NO alternatives to the HTMLViewer in REALbasic that I’m aware of.

So I’m asking the question.  Why is that?  Is it that no one’s really looked at the problem?  Are we assuming that RS will fix HTMLViewer?  If so, I wouldn’t hold my breath.  They’ll ‘fix’ the HTMLViewer right after they fix RTF support in StyledText.

From my own investigations into the matter, I think there are two possible alternatives to HTMLViewer.  One uses Webkit and one uses Gecko.  Both are cross platform but other than that I have no idea on the issues involved or the complexity of such a project.

I’m ‘motivated’ to help finance a web browser control for a host of reasons.  I’d like to help foster a web browser for REALbasic because I think it will help the RB community in addition to solving a very specific need of mine in a very big project I’m working on.

How big would a webkit or gecko plugin weigh in at?  Is that too big for RB apps that are rather large to begin with?  Could it be done in pure RB code using declares or is this strictly a plugin affair?

If it cost $500 would you be willing to buy it?  If you could get source code with it, would that change your opinion on the cost?

The floor is open for discussion.