eReader and Exercise

For years when I went to the gym I would take a book along and while on whatever middle-aged torture device (i.e. aerobic machines) and read.  Since I’m an avid reader it was sort of cool but since books vary in size (think paperback vs. hardback) and in typeface size it wasn’t always practical (and finding one of the plastic trays to hold a book was sometimes a problem as well).  Plus, getting sweat in the pages and breaking the bindings were not favorable to the health of the books either.

With the advent of the iPod I had even less incentive to take a book to the gym.  Unfortunately, having very little space on my iPhone left me in a quandry because I absolutely hate to watch the televisions at the gym and be forced to read the subtitles (if they happened to be on) and since the iPhone doesn’t have a FM receiver I couldn’t listen to it anyway.  Oh heck, I hate television so it’s no great loss.  The problem is that my motivation for staying on the turture devices was, shall we say, lacking.

All that is over now.  In fact, I may be over-doing the torture machines now.  Why?  It’s simple really.  The eReader fits on the tiny ledge of the machines that wouldn’t hold a regular book and I can jack the typeface up to it’s largest size so that I don’t get eyestrain while moving all around.

So 20 minutes is no longer an issue.  Heck, I did 60 the other day and was pissed that I didn’t finish the chapter.  I guess I can’t complain if I’m exercising my imagination and my body at the same time.  It’s been the first time in years that I look forward to the gym so I can read.  Amazing how odd life can be sometimes.