REALbasic 2008 Release 3

Among the new features in release 3 is code profiling (pro version only).  Profiling lets you see where your code is spending its time.  It’s very handy and is a most welcome addition.

The compiler now supports Attributes which allows you to do some fun stuff with compile-time metadata.  You can see Aaron’s blog for more info on attributes.

They’ve enhanced the check project/item to provide feedback about problem areas.  In particular you’ll now get warnings about code that is deprecated.  This was one of my wish list items:  compiler warnings.

You can have constants and enums inside of classes now as well.  There’s also the usual mix of bug fixes and stability improvements – especially in the Windows builds.

The only issue I know of is with Einhugur plugins.  The IDE will now complain that they’re using the old style constructors (the class name) but thankfully RB can do a temporary fix until the plugins are updated.  There’s also an issue with the Einhugur plugins not getting keydown events.  Fogbugz entry here.  This appears to be a Mac only problem but the Fogbugz entry hasn’t been updated yet.

So all-in-all I think this was a pretty good release.  Even the documentation is updated with the new attributes information.  Only time will tell, but for now I give RS kudo’s for doing a good job.