What’s Your Pain In REALbasic?

I always have a list going.  Here are the ones off the top of my head in no particular order:

HTMLViewer: It’s a buggy control at best.  It doesn’t work the same across platforms.  I want to use it exactly like I use the Webbrowser control in Visual Basic and I suspect that most people do as well.

StyledText reading of RTF in Mac OS X:
Seth, BKeeney Software employee #3, wrote up an excellent post on why StyledText is pretty much useless for Mac OS X users.

Reporting Tool: This is the very first feedback report I signed up on when I first learned about the old Feedback Reports.  You can’t do that anymore with FogBugz but the fact remains that without a good reporting tool, sanctioned by Real Software, it’s a major hindrance.  Now, to be fair, On Target Reports is good enough for a lot of people and it’s relatively inexpensive price makes it worthy of trying out in most projects.  I also haven’t used it since they updated it.  I still suspect that it’s missing some features that Active Reports and Crystal Reports have had for years such as capturing runtime events and passing it back to the application.  An example of this would be an accounting Balance Sheet report and the user double clicks on a particular account and a second, more detailed report is generated.

COM Support: I could sell a lot more clients on going to RB if it had full COM support.  Some of my clients have invested years and a lot of money in specialized ActiveX controls and using the generic RB controls is a major step backwards for them in terms of functionality.  Having full COM support let’s them get to RB in the first place and THEN we can worry (long term) about replacement controls if they want to go cross-platform.

Composite Windows/Cocoa: They’re working on Cocoa – I know that.  When it will be released is anyone’s guess.  Until then, using composite windows is pretty much broken so, what do you do?  When you need composite windows you need them.

Lack of standard GUI controls: TreeView, grids, date/time pickers, calendars, etc.  Yes, I already have the Einhugur controls and use them all the time.  The recent issues with 2008 R3 and the Einhugur plugins clearly demonstrates why a 3rd party control is risky.  Even Microsoft ships the basic controls that I mentioned.  Okay, MS’ versions are crappy for the most part, but for a majority of users they’re good enough and hence why there’s a market for enhanced controls.  I think most people are disappointed that they spend money on RB and then feel forced to go to Einhugur for additional controls.

Those are my big ones.  I’m sure if I thought about it for a while longer I’d remember more.  What are yours?