Managing SQLite Databases

I suspect that one of the problems is that SQLiteManager from SQLabs hasn’t been updated in a year and a half and that RB’s version of SQLite probably HAS been updated (though I could be totally wrong on this one).  I should note that the SQLabs blog talks about version 3 but gives no projected release date.  As an alternative I suppose I could use the built-in browser in the IDE but I don’t find it convenient in any way and find an external app to do a better job.

For a change of pace I didn’t use the use RB Forums and decided to do a generic Google search.  I quickly came across a few Windows-only utilities that don’t do me much good since I do most of my RB development on the Mac.  I then ran across a FireFox plugin and tried it out.  The plugin was updated last week, which makes it current.

I’m impressed.  It works just like you’d expect an SQLite manager to work. The UI is lacking refinement (in some cases downright ugly), but it seems to do the job without giving me the odd errors that SQLiteManager was giving me.  I’ll keep using it until I find something better and more useful.

What SQLite utilities are you running?  What platform is it on?  How much does it cost.