September/October Edition of RB Developer

The BKeeney Briefs column was about debugging and why it’s so important to learn how to debug.  Do you have any other thoughts on the importance of debugging?  Did I miss something?

The Formatted Text Control by True North Software is an excellent editfield replacement and it has some very powerful features such as being able to create your own custom objects that are read/write in its XML format.  What’s your favorite feature?  What is it lacking that I didn’t hit in the article?  How would you compare it to other editfield replacements?

Marc Zeedar has an excellent article on variable naming that’s worth reading.  To add to his article, I’d say that control naming is something I’ve seen way too many RB developers mess up on.  Using the RB defaults names (such as Pushbutton1, Pushbutton2, and so on) doesn’t help you very much when you see it in code.  In my opinion, if you have to go back to the layout to determine its function then you’ve messed up!  Using control names like pbOK and pbCancel make it explicitly clear in code what you’re talking about.  Agree?  Disagree?