Finding A REALbasic Developer

When we were done talking about the project I asked how he got to me.  Knowing that I wasn’t the first, second or even third developer he contacted I was curious.  He had found his original developer through the NUG list and when that one fell through, the first developer pointed him to a second developer.
Due to an illness in the family the second developer was unable to get the project done in a timely manner so had to decline the project.  At this point, the client Googled for REALbasic programmers and found the third developer who talked to him and then sent him my way.

Does that seem way to hard?  Should it not be easier to find a REALbasic developer?

So here’s my list of resources for finding a REALbasic Developer.  These are fairly generic so don’t think I’m just plugging BKeeney Software.  🙂

Here’s My List:

• Use the Find a Consultant page on the REALbasic website.  This will send you out on a mail list for people that want to talk to you.  I’m on the list and I know of several other really fine developers that are on the list.

• Use the Association of REALbasic Professionals Find a Developer service.  This service is available to paying members of the only professional association for REALbasic developers.  Another ARBP feature is the web links section (currently woefully incomplete) that contains a listing of REALbasic blogs, consultants and other related RB sites.  As the site matures and develops, these features will be handy.  (Full Disclosure:  I am one of the founders of ARBP and am the current president).

• You can post on the REALbasic Forums.  Look around and see who is answering a lot of the questions.  If they’re not consultants I bet they can point you to one or two that are.

• You can Google for REALbasic Developers, Programmers, and Contractors.  As evidenced by the client it doesn’t always work.

So how would you find a REALbasic developer?