REALbasic 2008 4.1

RS fixed the following:
•    Resizing a window with a hidden HTMLViewer no longer causes the HTMLViewer to redraw itself
•    Fixed some issues with copying files into the app resource bundle
•    Fixed the new control locking property when using the version control format and one issue regarding when the IDE felt a project was dirty
•    Fixed a plugin issue with plugins that use default parameter values

I know there will be some that complain they didn’t fix their bug, but I’m really happy with the dot releases.  I think it sends a clear message that we won’t necessarily have to wait 90 days for a new release to fix old bugs (and introduce new ones at the same time).  Each release is pretty solid in my opinion.

I know there’s been a lot of work behind the scenes to get ready for future improvements (can anyone say Cocoa?).  Most of those changes haven’t been noticed but I think you’ll seesome of those soon.

Next up on my wish list is a new Auto Complete.  Auto Complete is pretty damn worthless in our project because we’re using namespaces.

So what’s your current pet peeve in REALbasic?  If you could get RS to add/fix just ONE thing, what would it be?