REALbasic and FogBugz

I’ve submitted 42 bugs since early May.  Of those 13 are closed or should be.  That’s roughly a 30% close rate.

13 of those are enhancements or feature requests to the IDE or frameworks.  That still leaves 16 entries that are truly bugs and that’s still a whopping 38% open rate.

I’ll be generous and say that half of those that I consider to be bugs aren’t.  That’s still a 19% open rate.

So how many things have you sent off to FogBugz?  Do think RS has been ‘responsive’ to bugs?  Is ‘quality is job 1’ really an appropriate mantra?

To me it seems that the past couple of releases have been mostly bug fixes which is great, but are they fixing the truly important bugs?  If not, what ARE they spending their development time on?  Cocoa?  ORM?  What?

What’s your take on bug reporting vs. fixes?  Do you think they’re getting better?  Worse?  The same as they’ve always been?