ARBP Is Open For Business!

So why am I a day late for my own announcement?  Well, I happened to be one of the lucky few to get score an invite to the Apple iPhone Tech Talk conference in Austin, TX on Monday.  When I scheduled the ARBP opening a couple of weeks ago I didn’t know that I was going to go to the event – Apple was pretty late in confirming attendence  Anyway, here are the details:
See the official press release.

I think there are a number of good reasons to join.  The first is that it’s run by REALbasic geeks, for REALbasic geeks.  We’re serious about RB and want RB to succeed because we make a living from RB.

There are some serious discounts available to the members.  If you’ve been thinking about purchasing On-Target Reports or the Formatted Text Control, you can nearly pay for a Pro membership from the discounts.  There are roughly a dozen other vendors that have graciously donated software or discounted their software for ARBP members.  That’s a pretty good deal all by itself.  In addition, Pro members get REALbasic Developer magazine.

Pro members also can access the Find a Developer listing, Training Videos (more to come by the way) and a variety of other things yet to come.
If you can’t afford to pay right now, thats fine.  We have a free Trial Membership that gives you access to the ARBP forums, blogs and the Source Code repository.  The repository has close to a hundred projects that you can peruse, download, rate and comment on.  Many of the initial projects are converted from the old ResExcellence articles from Erick Tejkwoski and Seth Willits.

We have many more ideas and as we recover from the grand opening we’ll add more stuff.  We’d like to be your first stop for all things REALbasic.  Suggestions are welcome!