ARBP Members-Only Discounts

If you haven’t take a look at the ARBP Members-Only site, I invite you to do so at  There are a number of sections that are free for public use such as access to the ARBP Blogs section and as well as to the Find a RB Developer submission list.  If you register with the site you automatically get a free trial membership and that gives you access to the ARBP Forums and to the Source Code Repository.

The Forums is where we talk about stuff related to running your business and making your products.  There are special forums for marketing, contracting and in general stuff that you wouldn’t want to talk about in the general forums.  We don’t talk about code because that’s what the REALbasic forums provided by Real Software are for.

The Source Code Repository is doing well.  It has over a hundred projects including a large collection of old ResExcellence projects and articles that were written by Erick Tejkowski and Seth Willits.  All of the projects have been updated to work with RB 2008 Release 4.  ARBP members have also uploaded a wide variety of projects ranging from controls to tutorials on printing (which happens to be the #1 download) as well as a few items that can no longer be found on the web.  In the Repository area of the website we have a listing of the latest uploads as well as the most popular.  Check it out if you’re looking for some source code.

So that’s the practical side of the site that you get for FREE by getting the trial membership.  With a Pro Membership ($150/year) you get a subscription to REALbasic Developer magazine (a $50/year value).  In addition to all that you get some pretty fantastic discounts that the RB community has graciously given to ARBP members.  Below is a partial list of some of the big ones:

On-Target Reports Developer edition is 20% off.  The Formatted Text Control by True North Software is 50% off.  All Electric Butterfly products are 40% off.  All Koingo Software products are 50% off.  Elastic Window from Pariahware is 50% off.  BKeeney Software has some free products as well as some 25% off discounts.  GraphPro from MacSOS is $50 off.  Amalgam from Van Hoek Software is 50% off.  REALbasic Developer Magazine has 25% off CD archives and advertising.  If you are in a buying mood then the Pro Membership is an awesome value.

For those that can’t afford the Pro Membership, ARBP has a Personal Membership at $50/year. Get 20% off On-Target Reports Developer edition.  40% off of UniHelp from Electric Butterfly.  20% off RBLibrary articles.  30% off SQLite Manager from SQLabs.  And other discounts apply as well.

In both cases, as vendors approach us, this list will morph and change.  You can always find the current list of membership benefits on the ARBP Members website under the ARBP Info menu.  If you are a vendor that has REALbasic related source code, utilities or made with RB products, drop us an email – we’d love to share your products with our members.

Sorry for the plug for the ARBP Members site.  We’ve worked very hard and spent countless hours just getting to the point we’re at right now.  There’s more to come!  Your feedback is always welcome.