iPhoto ’09 Face Recognition

By far my favorite new feature in iPhoto is the face recognition.  It’s pretty good too for an inexpensive application.  It makes me wonder how good the government software is.  🙂

My son is now 8 and we have a lot of pictures of him as a baby.  I picked out a few pictures and told iPhoto who it was and it went to town.  The more photos you confirm/deny identification on the better it gets.

A couple of times it picked out ‘faces’ that weren’t theirs, but for the most part it’s been pretty flawless.  One thing that gives it a little problem is my wife’s family.  She comes from a family of 6 kids and you know what?  They all have similar facial characteristics.  iPhoto, for a while, kept marking my wife’s siblings as her but after 10 minutes it was right nearly 100% of the time.

I don’t review my photos very often.  This has been an excellent excuse to waste some time and think about old friends and events.  Perhaps this a stop and smell the roses event.