Best. SuperBowl. Ever

What more could you ask for in a championship game?  Lead changes.  Dramatic drives.  Interceptions going for 100 yards.  A Safety.  Calls be challenged and overturned.  A great ending.  Add in some questionable refereeing (arguably) and you have something to talk about until next football season.

The commercials didn’t do much for our little crowd.  Most seemed pretty subdued but here are our favorites:

•    Doritios:  Power of the Crunch
•    Doritios:  Crystal Ball
•    Cheetos:  Chester the Cheetah
•    Firestone:  Taters

Honorable Mention:  PepSuber.  My guess is that most people didn’t get it unless they’ve seen the MacGruber skits on Saturday Night Live.

The one’s we absolutely hated (which I guess means they succeeded in getting attention):
•    Any of the GoDaddy commercials (let’s just piss off half the audience – but my guess is they had a lot of traffic)
• (and why would I want to use this website now?)

Meh (just seemed like a waste of money to us):
•    The Budweiser ads
•    The Sobe ads

So what did you think of the game?  Commercials you loved/hated?

Oh, and the buzz around Kansas City is that Todd Haley (the Arizona Offensive Coordinator) is the top choice for the Chiefs head coaching job.  Seems he has multiple connections to our new General Manager Scott Pioli.