Made With REALbasic

The RB Forums thread has been awesome!  I know I’ve enjoyed seeing what everyone has done with REALbasic.  Seeing the awesome user interfaces and innovative things that people have done with REALbasic is a very cool.  It’s also obvious that people want to show their work off and get feedback based on the length of the thread.

The Association of REALbasic Professionals (ARBP) decided it was a neat idea too and we smacked ourselves on the forehead when we thought about it.  I mean, really, what should a developers association be doing for the product?  Show what developers are doing with that product of course!

So, today, we opened up the Made With REALbasic section on the ARBP members-only website.  Anyone can view the product listing but to add, rate, or comment (I think it is cool that a thread is available for EACH product myself) you have to be a registered member (registration is free by the way).  We have some extra fields to describe anything special development-wise what went into the product as well as pricing, what platforms it supports and so on.

Needless to say, we’re pretty pumped about this feature of the ARBP site.  I think it fits in well with our mission of educating people on what REALbasic can do and educating users on what is possible.

ARBP is ultimately run by REALbasic users.  So if you have ideas on things that ARBP should be doing, let us know!