AppleScript Your RB Apps (and more ARBP info)

Philip Regan, from Oatmeal & Coffee, (also ARBP treasurer) has written an excellent article for ARBP that shows exactly how you can add AppleScript capabilities to your REALbasic application.  This step-by-step guide shows you how to create the aete resource and how to add it to your project and how to get it to respond to AppleScript commands.

This AppleScript article is part of our growing Articles section which is for paid (Personal and Professional) members only.  Professional members also get access to the Find A Developer list that has REALbasic jobs (anyone can post to this list to find REALbasic developers).

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Our Blogs and Opinions section where we discuss our survey results and give reviews of some REALbasic products.  If you’d like to have someone review your product, send us an email with the details!

Another growing section on the ARBP site is the Made With REALbasic section where you can post your application.  Tell your fellow RB developers what you’ve made and any other information you think is relevant!

ARBP recently added Chat Room capabilities to the website.  Registered members can chat with other REALbasic developers 24 hours a day.  To find out who’s in the chat room, scroll down on the members site home page where you’ll find a list of users in the chat room.  ARBP hosted a meet and greet last month and queried the attendees on what they’d like to see from ARBP.  Expect to see some additional Chat Room events in the future.

If you are a REALbasic consultant or have a REALbasic related site you can easily add yourself into our Community Listing.  If you’re looking for a REALbasic developer this might be an excellent first stop.

If you’re about to purchase any REALbasic items you might want to take a look at the discounts being offered by the ARBP vendors.  Depending upon what you need, an ARBP Personal or Professional membership might pay for itself.

Wow.  Sorry for the extended ARBP plug.  I guess I haven’t written about ARBP for a while and we’ve been fairly quiet.