Busy Times

We’re working on a major update to File Sheriff.  File Sheriff is a Mac OS X file utility.  We’re hoping to include Finder Integration and better batch searching and processing.

Task Timer is a simple project and task timer for Mac OS X and Windows.  Version 4.1 is currently in beta.  We have a couple of exciting new features to make your life easier.  The first is that Mac OS X users can see their elapsed time in the menubar as well start and stop timers from that menu.  The same menu is available through the dock menu when you use the dock’s contextual menu.  We’ve also added a charting tool so that you can easily view your data and see how much time you’ve spent working on your projects.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll be surprised when you view the pie chart.

We’ve also been working on Task Timer for iPhone and we’re further along that I had anticipated at this point.  I’m hoping that by third quarter we’ll have an opportunity to put it on the Apple app store.  We still need to tackle iPhone/Desktop app integration which is looking to be no small bit of coding but I think we know where to start now due to some intense research the past couple of weeks.

I think we’ve nailed a long standing bug in Slideshow Magic that was causing me no end of grief.  Slideshow Magic is a multi-media presentation tool for Mac OS X and Windows that creates simple movies from your slides.  I’m hoping to release an updated version in the next week or so.

We’ve done some more work on our PHPAudit class for REALbasic and have designed a way to manually activate an application.  PHPAudit is a combination e-Commerce and Registration server that sits on your website and integrates into your RB application.  It uses no plugins – just native RB code.  We’ve used it for a bunch of clients and after the initial learning curve everyone is fairly happy with it.

Shoot, it seems like the only product we haven’t been working on is Font Pilot.  FP is a Mac OS X font utility that helps you install and preview your font packages.  I’m sure we’ll update in the upcoming months.

We have the usual consulting projects where we spend a bulk of our time.  I have not seen things slow down yet and I’m optimistic that people still see a need for cross-platform applications.

We’ve also reached a tentative agreement with a marketing consultant to help grow our product sales.  I’ve learned that I’m a developer and hate patting myself on the back and I’m learning the hard way (though my checkbook) on what I need to do to grow my business.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing a whole lot more about this as time goes on.

For ARBP I added two new training video’s to their library.  These two deal with Menu’s and the first is a general walkthrough on the menu editor and how to use menus.  The second video is how to create a Font menu and manipulate an edit field with it.  It’s by no means complete, but it is a start.  Paying subscribers can access the training video’s.

ARBP now has some cross-polination going on with RBLibary.  RBLibrary is a wonderful place to find REALbasic how-to articles.  This month ARBP has the first article in Scott Steinman’s Object Oriented Programming series.

Also for ARBP I had to fix an issue with the Made With REALbasic section where the screenshots weren’t showing up in either the main article or the list.  I had to re-add every screenshot by hand so I figured I’d bump the size a little bit and make the listing a bit longer.  Free registration is required to post your made with RB application.

So yeah, it’s been a busy week and somehow I don’t think next week is looking any easier.

If you try any of the BKeeney Software products I talked about above and want to purchase, please use the coupon code BRIEFS to get a 25% discount off the purchase price!  The coupon is good through July 1, 2009.