RB For Windows

I spend most of my time using REALbasic in Mac OS X.  About the only thing I ever need to do in Windows is test applications and using the Remote Debugger works fine for that. Unfortunately, one of my projects is requiring a bit more coding work than is reasonable using the Remote Debugger.

So this morning I started up VMWare and installed REAL Studio (since I figured, hey, I ponied up the money for it I might as well use it) and either copied or redownloaded all of my plugins.  And then started RB for Windows.

I must say that it’s…um…not nearly as pleasant as working in Mac OS X.  The UI doesn’t refresh properly, it responds somewhat sluggishly and in general it just seems a bit ‘spastic’.  After I bumped my VMWare memory up to over 2 GB it was better but it still wasn’t hard to get the UI to erase itself and stay erased for 10 to 15 seconds.

My app uses a number of threads to increase performance in Mac OS X and it sure seems like the threads are slowing DOWN my performance in Windows.  Is this a common problem?  I’m really starting to wonder if I need to spend more time running RB in Windows to really understand what the Windows ‘experience’ is.  I’m also wondering if there’s a significant difference between Windows XP and Vista (and Windows 7 by extension).

Is it time for RS to really get serious about Windows after they get done with Cocoa?  Do you have any tricks for increasing performance of REALbasic for Windows?  Are you seeing the same sort of issues?