I Miss Real World

I miss Real World, I really do.  I’ve written about it a few times and it comes up in conversations with RB developers a lot.  Real Software may or may not do regional events (we haven’t heard anything to date on them).  I miss the conversations and friendships that come with Real World.  Sometimes it helps knowing that I’m not the only one out there with the problems I have in business.

So my question is this:  If someone came up with a small event, in an easy to get to location, focused entirely on REALbasic technical topics would you attend?  What sort of topics would interest you?  What topics would turn you off to the event?  What’s more important:  Location, Pricing, or Topics?

1 thought on “I Miss Real World

  1. The quality of the rye, the number of local breweries and the company I’d keep

    In that order 😛

    All kidding aside I think just having the event for the professional interaction, renewing friendships, socializing etc are almost as important as the topics.

    A nice location with some extra curricular activities is nice but not mandatory.

    In the current economy I think being price sensitive (ie/ dont put it in the most expensive place you can find with the most expensive meals and hotels at prime time)

    So for my assessment – topics, location price

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