REALbasic Project Requests up, Up, UP!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not, but requests for quotes for REALbasic projects has been through the roof the past couple of weeks.  Between the REALbasic Developer Network (i.e. the Find a Consultant web page) and the ARBP Find a Developer web page it sure has been busy.  I can only find one “help me learn REALbasic” post in the past month or so.  This is a good thing since there used to be a bunch of them.

I don’t know if  RS marketing efforts are leading to these requests or if the ever-increasing Macintosh presense in the business world is making more people want cross-platform applications but something seems to have changed.  (Or it’s a combination of everything!)  Of course there’s nothing to say if the requests dry up in the next month or so.  Only time will tell.

I find it interesting that a lot of the recent projects are converting from either FileMaker or 4D.  RB can make a nice database application (assuming you know what you’re doing).  RS is always looking to enhance the user experience and I encourage RS to enhance their database tools.  I, however, do not want them to become another FileMaker or 4D because a generic application environment can do things better than a database-centric application, in my opinion.  Likewise there are things that FileMaker, 4D and MS Access do better than a generic application environment like RB.  It depends upon the requirements, in the long run.

Since I help run ARBP you can take this criticism with a grain of salt.  One of my biggest beefs with the RS developer program is that it’s simply a forwarded email.  If you signed up today you’d miss everything from last week (if you did sign up I’d certainly ask for all recent posts since $1k is nice chunk of change).  With ARBP we keep them around for a while (which is a problem all by itself that I’m trying to correct).  Another point is there isn’t a whole lot of information in the posts.  A contact information (name, email, phone) and a brief description of the project.  It would be nice to get more information.  What platforms?  Is it an existing project?  Is it a conversion project?  From what language?  Is it commercial or internal software?  I could probably continue on what I’d like to see, but I’d be repeating myself.

As a consultant, are you busy?  Better yet, are you as busy as you’d like to be?  Have you seen any trends in the past six months?

4 thoughts on “REALbasic Project Requests up, Up, UP!

  1. Hi Bob
    I don’t do consulting, I’m have a mISV and things were very busy tailend of last year and early this year and then went quiet for a bit but have started picking up again this last month or so.

  2. Well hopefully this next month(july)I will have enough money set aside to re join the developer group from rs’s website. I have to say that getting any work worth while outside that medium is pretty well next to nothing.

    While the costs may be high initially I do know from experience I can recoup and eventually profit from that. And with what you are saying, it sounds like things are getting busier.

  3. It’s very streaky. If you pony up the money, make sure you ask for anything that’s come through the past couple of weeks.

    It’s kind of funny, but I’ve landed a couple of projects several months after the initial posting. I don’t know if it’s because there just wasn’t enough people responding, the initial responses weren’t good, or whatever. Literally I sent a very short email asking them if they’ve found an RB developer yet and if they haven’t I’ll be happy to talk to them. Go figure.

  4. Yeah I’ve done the same in the past as well. I had one guy decide after he had hired one dev to go with me a month and half after I emailed him about the work.

    Sometimes I think things get dragged out for a while for whatever reason and then wham! I need this done.

    Yeah I am going to ask for the previous postings, for that much money they shouldn’t complain. And like you said it’s basically a forwarding service. Maybe I should realign to that mode of operation!

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