My Most Wanted iPhone App

I’ve had a sudden uptick in time spent at the gym and I have a heart rate monitor. I’d love to be able to track my workouts to see if I’m doing okay or need to up the intensity a little.  Apple and Nike have the Nike+ where millions of people are storing and tracking their running statistics.

In the July issue of Wired there’s an article on how Nike unleashed the power of personal metrics.   This is what I want for my heart rate monitor.  I want to track and be reminded of what I can push myself to do and I want it in an easy-to-use, no-brainer iPhone application.

I’ve even looked into it a bit.  There’s the SMHeart Link heart rate monitor but it uses a ‘wireless bridge’ (does that mean it’s wifi?) and the reviews on the Apple App store have not been stellar (but is that in part due to the free app requiring a $125 adapter?).  Is there a BlueTooth heart rate monitor that I can use with the iPhone (even if I have to develop it myself!)?

I found this page that has a lot of iPhone apps that aid in your workout.  But after reading through the reviews none of them use a heart rate monitor (I might have missed one so please be gentle!).

Is it really that hard or is the technology not available yet?

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  1. Polar make a bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor chest strap that’s marketed with some of the Nokia mobile phones. I don’t know if it’s available as a separate item – I haven’t seen it advertised for sale anywhere.

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