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I had a brief conversation with another REALbasic consultant the other day. We both remarked on how often the consulting inquiries never go anywhere. I would say that it’s price but half the time they never even bother to reply after the initial contact.

I’ve even found that potential clients that post on the REALbasic Developers list and the ARBP Find a Developer page never respond to emails. It seems odd especially when I know many of the people that post on those two sites don’t get any responses from developers to begin with! I know this because after a couple of months I’ll do a very short “Hey, have you found an RB developer yet,” email to those I don’t initially respond to and I get a response more often then not saying how the response was poor by RB developers. Go figure.

Well, to be fair to us RB developers, sometimes the specs are worded pretty poorly or are so specific that unless you know exactly what they’re asking for we don’t respond. Other times they’re so broadly worded that the project could mean anything or they’re lacking so many details you start to wonder if they really know what they want. One project that went through the network had a 20 page requirements document. Awesome, I thought, finally someone that knows what they want. Unfortunately, it only had a single page of what their current system is and does and nothing in regards to database details, screenshots, or anything else really helpful. In other words it was 20 pages of technical jargon that didn’t mean anything to a typical REALbasic application (which they were pretty sure they wanted).

A few years ago I used to have these nice formal proposals that I used for everything. These multi-page documents, contracts really, took me about a half day to customize for each project. After a few years of wasting time writing documents I now just send a summary email now because most people aren’t very serious about getting their project done. Let me revise that statement: They’ve not very serious unless it’s going to be dirt cheap.

So what has your experience been? Why do you think clients don’t bother to respond? Have you found the RB developer networks to be useful or not?

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  1. Price is by far the greatest impediment to a successful bid on a contract. Unless it’s a medium sized business or so, most individuals seem to run at the “sticker shock” of it all. And this applies to both the mailing list and the competition we face on RentACoder and the like:)

    Check out, that’s even worse!!! Arghhhh!

    By the way, feel free to send any you cannot accommodate my way, I need it very very badly!

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