REAL Software Announces Two Regional Events

See the official announcement here:

REAL Software used to hold an annual event called Real World in Austin every year where the REALbasic faithful would gather and immerse themselves in REALbasic for a couple of days.  It was fun and you could learn some good stuff as well as pick the brains of other RB developers.  Citing the worldwide economic downturn and a projected lack of attendance Real World was canceled and we were told about ‘regional events’ to be announced later.  These are it.

I think this is a good thing/bad thing.  It’s good because people will attend a regional event because it doesn’t cost them as much to attend.  If you were thinking about using RB you might be tempted to go to one closer.  From a marketing perspective it’s a good thing.

The bad part is that the events will (most likely) be less technical and become more of an overview of REALbasic and REAL Server.  If you wanted to learn some advanced object oriented programming for databases techniques then these regional events probably aren’t for you.

It’s a one day event in Atlanta and Chicago.  They will have a keynote address and an unknown number of sessions.  Sessions topics to be announced later.  Pricing is $250 ($200 if you register before October 20th).

So what are your thoughts?  Do you find the regional events appealing?  Do you think they’ll get into the technical details of RB or will it be more about sales and marketing of the products?  What are your thoughts on the price?  Does this change your opinion of the Colorado Summit sponsored by ARBP and Inspiring Apps?

2 thoughts on “REAL Software Announces Two Regional Events

  1. These regional events will most likely be marketing events. They’re too short to offer advanced topics, and speakers will be less likely to travel more often to reach fewer users. The limited attendance will also provide less opportunity to network with other users. Users will now have to rely more on print and web resources (and the Colorado summit) to get intermediate to advanced level information. I hope that this isn’t an omen of a contracting REALbasic market.

  2. We’ll see. We don’t know anything about the sessions or session lengths yet. It’ll be interesting to see who they get to speak and what the topics are.

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