Are Mac Bundle Promotions A Good Thing?

This one is timely as I was asked about a bundle opportunity the other day:

Interesting post at where Simone Mangenelli asked a bunch of developers that participated in the MacHeist bundles there thoughts.

Summary Ideas:

  • If you look at it as ‘marketing’ it’s a huge win because you get your name and product in front of people who wouldn’t normally have found you.
  • Tech support issues spike during the promotion and then return to normal shortly thereafter.
  • Getting some money is better than none.
  • There is no saturation of the market.  Not THAT many people purchase the bundle.

I highly recommend the article.  It gives some food for thought from a developer and a consumer standpoint.

Have you participated in a bundle offering as a developer and/or consumer?  Do you feel that it was worth it?  What sage words of advice would you give?

4 thoughts on “Are Mac Bundle Promotions A Good Thing?

  1. Pose that question to Dana at REAL perhaps
    They’ve participated in a couple of these bundles

  2. I could, but it’s a little different for RS than a lot of indie developers (like me). I don’t have a dedicated support sales or support staff and generally don’t need them. Bundles, though, seem to be a different beast and it looks like you could be out 10,000 licenses with a popular bundle.

  3. It might still be useful to ask them for some of their experience just for general issues.
    I’m not sure I’d say “out” 10,000 licenses as much as you have 10,000 new clients who you can at least get on the upgrade wagon 🙂
    And you do get something for those licenses – they’re not free

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