Colorado Summit Recap

The REALbasic Colorado Summit was a success!  I think we all had a good time and learned some things about REALbasic.  I attended and enjoyed all of the sessions and hopefully everyone else did too.

I did two sessions.  The first was on the Reporting Tools available for REALbasic.  Did you know that in 18 months there’s been an explosion of options?  Where there was only one commercial option now there are several (including the new RS reporting tool).  There are also some interesting (and usable) open source alternatives available. It was also the first session.  No pressure there.  🙂

My second session on Saturday was a filler (or emergency) session due to a speaker cancellation and I talked about the results of the 2009 ARBP consultants survey (I’ll eventually turn it into a blog post).  I unfortunately was not as prepared for it as I would have liked but it was meant to spark discussions in the room, which it did.

The offices of Inspiring Apps was a great location in downtown Boulder.  It’s an interesting area and I highly recommend visiting.  After the conference ended on Saturday some of us car pooled up to Estes National Park and, along with several thousand people, watched some Elk (I guess it was mating season).  The park was beautiful and the scenery was breathtaking.

The attendees were awesome as always.  We had a nice mix of people and had a few ‘newbies’ in the crowd and they asked some great questions.  The award for the longest flight was from Australia though Germany was a close second.  Otherwise there was a nice mix of people from across North America.

As with Real World, I’ve come back energized with some new ideas.  Isn’t that the point of going to a conference?  Learn a few things?  Ask questions?  Come back refreshed?

I’ll post more later after I catch up on work!

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