REALbasic Colorado Summit Schedule Updated

Hot off the presses, here is the latest schedule for the REALbasic Colorado Summit:

9AM  Reporting Tools, Options, and Techniques
Bob Keeney

10AM Cocoa and Reporting Features in REALbasic
Geoff Perlman

11AM SQLite Power Tools
Ryan Vail

12-2 Lunch

2PM  OO Database Framework and Introspection
Seth Verrinder

3PM  Profiling and Performance Tweaking
Joe Strout

4PM  Version Control, And Why it Rocks
Aaron Gerber and Mathias Gran

5PM  Business Roundtable

9AM  Building REALbasic Plugins
Christian Schmitz

10AM Usability & Design Techniques
Jay Crain

11-1 Lunch


2PM  Facilitated RB/RS/Summit Feedback Session
Brad Weber

The official website is  Attendance is limited so if you’re interested I recommend signing up sooner rather than later.