REAL World Regional Events Canceled

This just in from an official email from REAL Software:

We are sorry to inform you that the REAL World Regional Events have been cancelled.  Though we had a lot of initial interest, we found that a number of people who intended to come are not able to due to schedule conflicts and other reasons.  While we are selling more licenses this year than last and the REALbasic community is growing, we have concluded that the reality is people are still watching their expenses more closely due to the economy.

Wow.  I’m not even sure what to say about this.  I was supposed to speak at the REAL World Chicago event.  I’m so glad I was procrastinating in figuring out travel plans.

From an ARBP standpoint I’m very ticked off because people canceled their reservations to the RB Colorado Summit because they were going to the regional events.  This took the wind out of the ARBP conference and cost us attendees.  I know this because more than a few attendees pulled out just after RS’ announcement.

What are your thoughts on this?  Why do you think they canceled the events?  Was it because of the lineup?  Was it not technical enough?  Was it the cost?  The economy?  What does this say about their commitment to the RB community?

9 thoughts on “REAL World Regional Events Canceled

  1. Developers. Developers. Developers. Developers. Developers know that a single day event will be nothing more than marketing, and they want resources; they want knowledge; they want community.

    I would have liked to go to the ARBP event in Colorado, but the notice was simply too short for me. I had contemplated going to the Atlanta event but was unable to justify the cost for a single day. Either a 6 hour drive, or the cost of a flight. A hotel for 2 nights minimum, maybe 3, plus the cost of the event. All for marketing? Not gonna cut it.

    I hope I wasn’t unclear. 😉 I really liked the trip to Austin & loved the Omni. I hope that REAL World returns to its former glory next year.

  2. I live in Chicago so it was easy to go – I admittedly hadn’t signed up yet however. I was primarily going to meet you Bob. I know I’ve been critical of ARBP and REAL in the past, but that’s just cause I love the *idea* of the product but have yet to be able to use it in the way that I would like.

    However the sessions were weak. It would have been nice to meet Christian from MBS, and Geoff – but frankly there didn’t appear to be much value in the sessions themselves.

  3. I was scheduled to present at the Atlanta REAL World and I’m disappointed it’s canceled. At the same time, I do understand the expenses of putting on a conference, and if RS didn’t hit their required numbers, I wouldn’t want them to take a financial loss by holding the conference. I liked that they were trying something new and different. It didn’t work out this year.

    As a side note, I’m currently planning on attending the ARBP conference next year. Perhaps now is a good time for ARBP to talk to REAL Software to see if ARBP organized and hosted the conference if REALWorld would be a major (and I mean major!) sponsor of the conference? Just and idea.

  4. I miss going to Austin for the 3-4 day event. I live in Kansas so I toyed with the Colorado and Chicago trips but travel expenses for such a short workshop didn’t seem like a good use of my money considering I’m not a professional programmer (I work in schools as a psych).

    I know a lot of people complained about not having regional events but RB users complain about everything. So that’s not really a good metric for deciding to create these little regional events. Have it on the same week as SXSW so we can call it a vacation too 🙂

  5. I know that for myself, I am watching expenses. Unless the trip is expenses-paid, I would have a hard time justifying going to *any* conference, the REALbasic ones included. It’s unfortunate, but it’s also the state of the economy.

  6. At the Colorado Summit we talked about the REALbasic ‘ecosystem’. Events, whether they be geek get togethers or marketing events, have a ‘value’ to the entire ecosystem that’s not tangible in pure dollars. If you are evaluating REALbasic as a development environment and you saw two events you’d think RB was big enough to host conferences. What does it say when you they announce events and two months later cancel those same events? Food for thought.

    Other parts of the ecosystem: Books, magazines, professional organizations, training opportunities, websites, enterprise support, and consultants are also part of the ecosystem. Fact is, RB’s ecosystem is small so we will always have an uphill struggle with outsiders.

    I’ve always looked at the events as a marketing event for both RS and BKS (if I attended). The fact that I learned a few things and networked with a lot of other RB developers was a bonus. It should be part of RS’ perception marketing and not meant to have a direct sales correlation.

  7. Coming from outside the USA costs you easily a few thousand dollars for flights and hotel. And traveling international will never be a win on the financial site for me. But I actually prefer to come to some REALworld event like in austin or boulder where you have a few days to talk to everyone. The one day events are more like a sight seeing round trip through the world.
    I hope for more events in the next year. Especially if ARBP and RS can sync events so you have one event each 6 months…
    Drop me a line if you come close to Germany and you want to chat with me.

  8. While I was sorry that I had to miss the ARBP summit, the loss of the RB regional meetings is not a great loss. These meetings were too short for effective networking and offered little in terms of sessions. The ARBP Colorodo Summit, on the other hand, offered higher-level session topics and enough time to talk to your peers and make contacts.

  9. Also from outside US. I’d consider going to a REALworld multiday event (I go each year to Another show in the US) but a one day marketing event – no way! The session list wasn’t something I’d spend $1000 on travels and hotels and being bullied around by T SA in customs. Maybe RB isn’t big enough? I spend four days at a packed CAD conference each year in the US…

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