2009 REALbasic Consultants Survey

ARBP  released the results of their 2nd annual REALbasic Consultants Survey.  The results probably won’t surprise many of you, but I think surveys like this are interesting.  If nothing else you can compare your rates with other consultants.

One of the more interesting questions, I think, is the “what are the biggest challenges in being a REALbasic consultant?”  Not surprisingly, Finding Work is a high issue and mirrors the 2008 survey results (which we did not publish in its entirety).   Bugs and Perceptions about REALbasic were also not significantly unchanged from the 2008 survey either which is somewhat of a concern.

For me, I was happy with the quality of REALbasic 2009 series until Release 4.  For many of our projects, though, we’re still using Release 3 simply because the new Reporting tool has too many bugs and the Build Automation was essentially useless for us.  Are you using R4 for production releases?

My question to you, dear readers, is if you feel that RB’s quality is better, worse, or the same this year than last?  Do you feel that the ratio of bug fixes to new features is right or should new features have a higher or lower ratio to bug fixes?  As an established user of REALbasic, do you feel that you are a valued more or less than a new users?

Finally, do you think the new Feedback application is going to help us shape RS’ priorities for 2010?

2 thoughts on “2009 REALbasic Consultants Survey

  1. Are you using R4 for production releases?

    No. There are two big bugs preventing that (both Windows): hard crashing if you right click any controls on a pagepanel (no easy workaround), and bevelbuttons not drawing their outline when disabled.

    I can’t believe these got through testing…

  2. @Paul
    The beta program is another issue that we will be having more discussions on in the future. I hope to have an ARBP survey topic on it done soon.

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