REAL Studio Documentation is Finally Online

REAL Studio 2010 Release 1 is now available.  Note that that IDE is now called REAL Studio instead of REALbasic.  The language is still REALbasic.  So in other words, RS announced RS 2010 R1 (now won’t that be fun until we get it straight?)

Perhaps the biggest change is that now the documentation is now online at  Yippee!  It’s about time.  At the last REAL World conference in 2008 (!?  has it really been that long since RW!?) there was much talk about doing this.  Nice to know that it only took 2 years and it being #10 in the new Feedback list for it happen.  Sorry for being pessimistic but, in my opinion, this should have been done a very long time ago.

This doesn’t replace the built-in Language Reference or PDF documentation so you don’t need to be online to access it.  Hopefully this means that the Language Reference gets better as we users can start adding usage notes to make it more clear on how the various pieces should work.  How will the online changes affect the built-in Language Reference?  No idea, but hopefully the content changes based on user entries in the online version.

Unfortunately, there is no word (yet) on who can edit the content.  I have no doubt that RS (the company and not the IDE) will limit who can edit the content simply because that was their number one concern in various discussions at REAL World.

The 2010 R1 release still does not support Cocoa builds.  More in-depth review of Studio 2010 R1 later in the week depending upon work load….

Thoughts about the online documentation?  Good, bad, indifferent?

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  1. The reason we had not put the documentation online previously is that there was no good way for users to get printed documentation from a wiki. Once a good solution (via became available, we moved forward.

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