Learn REALbasic With Video Training

We (BKeeney Software) updated our REALbasic Training Videos today with H.264 video as the default rather than Flash.  This allows access for iPad and iPhone users.

We have over a hundred videos and around 20 hours of training videos.  Our Journal Entry project, a simply diary application, goes through the process of creating a REALbasic database application from start to finish.  While we do all of the development on Mac OS X, we regularly go into Windows and Linux and explore the differences between controls and how to workaround those differences.

If you’ve ever wanted to see how other people use REALbasic, this is an excellent opportunity.  We have around two hours of free video (with registration).  Subscriptions are available and if you’re a student or educator, contact us to get up to 40% off full price.  ARBP paid members can get a 20% discount.

So far we’ve been getting excellent reviews!

[Updated]  Part of my motivation to moving to H.264 was to view the videos on my iPad.  The iPad is a really good medium for video training because it can run beside the desktop/laptop computer and you can do the same things in REALbasic while I’m showing it to you in the video.  Video on the iPad is gorgeous!