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We all have our pet bugs and the proper mechanism to express our desire for any particular item is to edit the priorities in the Feedback application and put it in your top five.  A few people can make a significant impact by adding a Feedback item in their top five.  I’m here to today to lobby for a particular bug.

<feedback://showreport?report_id=3218> Save as Version Control format kills external encrypted items with subclassing:  Because this one struck me this morning in a very, very bad way, I put this as my #1 priority.  If you use version control and if you have encrypted items (I use RSReport from Roth Soft) you sometimes get an encrypted file that becomes blank upon saving.  So when the IDE tries to open the project a second time it throws an error because the file was blank.  The trick is to keep a copy of the original file somewhere and replace it, or retrieve the good version from SVN.  Normally it’s a 30 second procedure but today it was an hour diversion.

Needless to say, it’s one of my hot buttons.  Since this one affects me every single friggin’ project I hope you would make it one of your priorities too.

Since we’re talking about Feedback items.  What’s your hot button item that causes you no end of grief?  I’m willing to use one or two of my priority items to put your Feedback item towards the top of the list.  So what is it?

9 thoughts on “RB Feedback Item 3218

  1. This has been a problem forever (at least a decade), and causes me no end of end-user support problems. OK, so it only affects Windows apps that utilise serial ports, but I do. Fortunately, some lobbying has pushed this to 6th place.

    My other pet peeve is . This has been a problem since Win XP was released, which was a while back. It makes using tab panels in Windows look really amateurish.

  2. OK, it looks like the feedback URLs were removed. The two I refer to are numbered 8212 and 11917.

  3. I signed on for 11917 though the status shows that it “Needs information”. The other one is a bit too obscure for me at present, though I am working on a Windows serial port app so it might come back to bite me.

  4. My last report is:
    Report 12072: REALbasic crashes when C++ raises exception in out of memory situation

    and I have this very old favorite for better performance:
    Report 5832: NewMemoryBlock should not use memset

    But actually I would like to see RS implements some things like 11908 and 11909 so we can better automatically build projects.

  5. That the html viewer isn’t always showing html on Mac OS has been annoying me for YEARS. This has been costing me customers.

    The most annoying problem in the IDE is the stability of the debugger. Go through some code, crash, do it again, crash.

  6. As I (on purpose) did not renew my Studio license, I am not of much help to increase the position of bugs. (Also with the pathetic rank of 9433 – Ability to build iPhone App, I have not much trust in the ranking system nor RS commitment to fixing those high-ranked bugs… We have verified bugs breaking functionality between releases (11338, ranked 7th) but have not been fixed – sigh…)

    To put this into perspective; one of our customers have a big trade show (+5000 attendees) each year where users on subscription can vote for bugs, the result is presented the last day of the conference and followed up on next year’s first conference day! Apart from the top 3 issues that are really hard to fix – the rest of the top 15 bugs have been fixed the following year (have attended the conference since 2005 and they have managed this every year, the top 3 bugs have been the same since 2005 though…)

    However, if 9035/11827 would ever be fixed (looks like 2010r2 will fix this – keeping fingers crossed) I will happily renew my old Professional license and migrate to 2010r2 as this focusing issue is driving me nuts +150 times a day in 2009r5.1…

    P.S I want to take the opportunity to send a big THANK YOU to Christian for “fixing” 7978 (marked as private and I am not able to change it since I am not on subscription) “adding Windows 7 support for the taskbar (ITaskbarList3/4)” by implementing this into the latest release of MBS Plug-in – in less than 4 months… MBS Rock!! D.S

  7. Well… RB2010r2 did not fix 9035. It took me 1 min 11 seconds to reproduce this focusing issue that is sooooo annoying. Just for fun I captured a movie about it but as I am not on subscription I am not able to add any Feedback issues so I will try to send it to Geoff directly…

  8. @Mattias Sandström
    I added a note to it saying that it should be reopened.

    It just shows that the beta process is broken. Having no notes from RS saying what to emphasize for testing (i.e. they say ‘everything’) is akin to saying, “Don’t test anything.”

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