REALbasic Developer Magazine May/June 2010

REALbasic Developer Magazine’s May/June 2010 edition is now out.  A couple of things of note:

1)  They reviewed the BKeeney Software REALbasic training videos.  It received a rating of 4.9 out of 5 cubes!  As a celebration, we’re offering subscriptions for 20% off list price.  Use the coupon code RBDEVELOPER.  This discount is valid for the next two weeks.

2)  In my regular column I talk about the role of consultant and the jobs you probably should turn down.  Sometimes the client has unreasonable expectations and if they can’t accept REALbasic’s limitations then REALbasic isn’t for them and their project.  Accepting a project like that is just asking for trouble.

3)  Christian Schmitz, of Monkeybread Software fame, gives us some food for thought with an article on how to figure your hourly rate.  All good points.

[Updated 04May2010 16:23] Added link to get to the videos.

6 thoughts on “REALbasic Developer Magazine May/June 2010

  1. Hey, Bob.

    Want to make a short simple video on how to develop a lexer, parser, abstract syntax tree builder (with the ability to rearrange it), and symbol table creation all in RB? 😉

  2. Making the video’s example compiler compile to the iphone might be an idea…

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