The Bad Thing About Automated Backups

I discovered, today, that automated backups are only good if the backup actually takes place.  A directory on the BKeeney website got corrupted and unusable today (don’t ask since that’s a really good question) wiping out the key to, well, everything.  After scrambling to figure it out I called the ISP to see if they could help (like maybe from their backup).

They gladly said that, of course, they could help.  They usually have 2 backups that they can restore from.  The tech looked up the info and then sheepishly said, “Until it gets too big”.  Which of course, with 20 hours of video (in both H.264 and Flash formats), easily exceeds their limit.

So, for now, the bkeeney site is down until I can get things reinstalled.  Oh, and just to make matters worse, the website of the software author we use is also currently down (related?  possibly but I doubt it) so if it takes a full install to recover I’ll have to wait until they come back up to download the install packages.

Did I mention that I’ve been incredibly busy with consulting work?  I don’t have time for this crap.

4 thoughts on “The Bad Thing About Automated Backups

  1. Sorry to hear about that. I think I saw on Twitter that Dreamhost was down for awhile today. Perhaps the source is located on their servers. If you need help, you know how to get a hold of me.

  2. Sorry to hear. For me, I can say that I have my website here in a folder and can click a file to upload stuff to a server. And I regulary have another backup folder where I download the website back to the disc. And this website and backup folders are here locally in the time machine, so multiple backups… Maybe you should keep a local copy of your website, too?

  3. Sorry to heat. Sadly a backup is not a backup until it is restored… Add some databases into the mix and we have lots of fun…
    My hardest restore was an Microsoft Exchange restore of an inconsistent database with 500 users mailboxes… Took a week of 24-hour days but we didn’t loose a bit of information.

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