Visual Studio For the Mac?

Interesting little blurb at about Microsoft presenting at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (otherwise known as WWDC) to show off Visual Studio for iPad/iPhone and general Mac OS X development.

Geeze.  How many levels of wrong is this rumor?  You think Apple is going to trust Microsoft with the keys to their iPhone/iPad kingdom?  I don’t think so.  Apple has worked too hard building xCode and Cocoa Touch to let a 3rd party develop for iPhone/iPad.  If this does happen, then Apple might as well give Adobe a call and let them know they can restart their iPhone/iPad programs too.  And we all know where that feud isn’t over yet.

Where this might make sense is desktop applications.  Microsoft, while doing all that work to write Microsoft Office for the Mac in Cocoa, wrote their own Cocoa libraries and other Mac GUI editors and put it into Visual Studio.  Seems like an awful lot of work with minimal gain for Microsoft unless they’ve decided to make a push in REAL Software’s corner.  They certainly have the knowledge and resources to do such a product.

While I don’t think this rumor has legs it does make you think.  No doubt Microsoft is feeling the pinch of developers learning Cocoa which does nothing for Microsoft.  If they developed a cross-platform Visual Studio it stems the bleeding because now developers don’t have an either/or decision to make.  Learning a new development tool and frameworks suck and letting all those Windows developers develop for Mac and Windows using their tool keeps Microsoft in the game.  It doesn’t help them with iPhone/iPad development (now) but in five years who knows.  If it does happen it will generate some serious buzz which is something Microsoft wants (needs?).

What does this do, if true, to our favorite development tools company located in Austin?  I don’t think it would be good news.

5 thoughts on “Visual Studio For the Mac?

  1. Having VS2010 on the Mac makes no sense at all in my head… Having VS2010 running on Windows OS supporting iPhone OS development on the other hand makes much more sense. I hope that technologies such as Silverlight or .Net are totally banned from the iPhone OS/Mac OS X as this technologies are horrible to use and maintain.

  2. I use XCode way more than I’d like, and if VS came out for general Mac development, I would pay a mint for it. I don’t care overly much about iPhone dev, but for doing OS X apps, I’d give an arm and a leg to be able to do it in VS.

  3. Microsoft officially said (via Twitter) that Ballmer is NOT speaking at WWDC. Nothing to see here. Move along!

    I don’t know why I bother with these silly analysts trying to predict what Apple will or won’t do.

  4. The story said :
    “(Or if not, at least Bob Muglia, who runs Microsoft’s server and tools business.)”

    while the MS tweet said
    “Steve Ballmer not speaking at Apple Dev Conf. Nor appearing on Dancing with the Stars. Nor riding in the Belmont. Just FYI.”

    This can ONLY mean that Bob Muglia will be appearing. Elementary Bob!

  5. All of this makes no sense from MS or Apple’s perspective – for any of their platforms.
    MS has repeatedly said “we like our strategy” about mobile and desktop – and creating tools for someone else’s OS / platform would be tantamount to admitting their platform / strategy sucked. Not likely as this would be a HUGE pill for MS to swallow. Aint gonna happen.

    For Apple it makes no sense to go to all the trouble of ridding Flash , getting devs to use XCODe, then turn over the keys to some other company who they’d probably rather flush than partner with.

    There is no love lost between MS and Apple over the years – about as much as Apple and Adobe.

    And now that there’s basically retractions from all involved that says it all.
    Publicity stunt / hit whoring. While his “prediction” was wildly inaccurate look at how many folks know who he is and how much free mileage he got out of it.

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