What Controls Would you Pay For?

I’m a big fan of the Einhugur control suite for REALbasic.  In particular, the Einhugur TreeView, Calendar, Date, and Time controls often find their way into my projects, both internally and for consulting projects.  The StyleGrid also gets some consideration for many projects as well.

A recent post on the Monkeybread Software blog mentions a number of bugs about the ComboBox control.  I agree with Christian’s assessment of the state of the ComboBox control.  I made a comment (currently awaiting moderation) that I thought that a 3rd party could sell a full-featured combobox control.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I would help finance someone to come up with a cross-platform WebKit plugin and, as of yet, no one has made one or approached me taking me up on the offer.  REAL Software has indicated that they’re looking at it.  Given their workload I’m not sure I expect it anytime soon.

I’m also a big fan of the True North Software Formatted Text Control.  I’ve used it in quite a few projects and find it to be a very nice replacement for the the TextArea control.  For now, it’s the best way to get true RTF support in your REALbasic application.  It’s also very extensible so if you need it to do something special you can modify the source to do it (though it might be a lot of work).

Other things I’d like to see:

  • A multi-column popupmenu/combobox
  • A grid control that supported container controls hosted in individual cells
  • A list view that could switch between column (Mac OS X), TreeView, List, and Icon View.

What is on your wish list of controls for REALbasic that are currently not available?  Why isn’t there a bigger market for 3rd party controls?

11 thoughts on “What Controls Would you Pay For?

  1. Being Windows-oriented I’d put my money on anything that makes a RB app look more Windows-native like WPF, Ribbon menus, animated progress dialogue boxes or the cool replace dialogue from Windows 7.
    Christian delivered TaskBar interaction (showing progress and status in the TaskBar) in a recent MBS version and it works perfect. A Ribbon UI would require (I guess) some controls or at least one Taskbar-like control for all the magic to happen.


  2. @Mattias Sandström
    Once upon a time, I sold a ribbon control, but its execution wasn’t the greatest. I was unhappy with it, even though quite a few customers loved it. Not too long ago, someone released a competitor to my ribbon control, and I happily pulled mine from the market. A quick search through the forums should give you some results. I’ve not used it, so I don’t know how good it is, but from what I hear “it gets the job done.”

  3. I’d pay for a decent Combo Box, ie: Same/better than the MS Access one.

  4. I would donate to the cause for a better Combo Box. Also I would donate to the cause for embedding WebKIT on all platforms into RB apps. Bob if anyone ever takes you up on offer, let me know I will be more than happy to send you $$.

  5. I think one of the bigger issues on why there aren’t more cross-platform, native controls is because RS has never published the “This is how to make a plugin using native controls” guide. After talking with plugin developers and several former RS employees, this isn’t a simple process (and hence probably why there are no examples doing this).

    I’d love to see a simple guide on using some simple control plugin using native controls. Say the disclosure triangle – something to guide developers on how to do it along with basic guidelines.

  6. Just an FYI that WebKit is an enormous pain in the butt to get working on Windows.
    If you’re Apple or Google and can throw as many engineers as you want at it then you can make it work.
    But it aint for the faint of heart.

  7. Thanks Bob for taking on my blog post 🙂
    I managed my app by using an textfield and a listbox which shows the choices.
    Job done. But I hope next time the Combobox will do it.

  8. Bob,

    Regarding the WebKit plugin and because Norman said it’s an “enormous pain in the butt to get working on Windows” have you thought about a Gecko plugin instead?

    Are there any reasons for not considering Gecko?

  9. I wish there were a text-area equivalent that was binary friendly. I have a set of RB-written text editors that I use in my PDF and PostScript courses. We often examine files in class that have binary data in them and no amount of fiddling with encodings keeps the textarea control from hammering the binary.

    All I want is an extremely simple-minded Text field that will display any sequence of bytes, however badly, without changing them. (Or am I missing some obscure flag in TextArea?)

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