July/August 2010 REALbasic Developer Magazine

The July/August 2010 edition of REALbasic Developer Magazine is out.  This months column title is “Having a Thick Skin: Take the Emotion out of Your Tech Support”.

I talk about the pitfalls of providing tech support when people asking for (or is it demanding!) for tech support aren’t nice.  Email and forums posts are awful mediums for communicating to each other so you have to take the emotion out of the equation.

Do you have any horror stories, tips, or jokes about tech support you’d like to share?

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  1. I can tell you a case which I fall into. I sold an app with serial numbers. Later I made a new version which takes newer serial numbers so people need to update. Now the problem is that people with older versions go to the website, buy a license, receive a serial number and enter that number in the old version of the app. Guess what happens?
    They get an error telling the serial is invalid. Well, I forgot to have some version number part in the serial so the app can tell the user “This serial is for a newer version.”. And now I have a customer every few days which tells me that the serial is not working. Some people are very friendly and some are very angry. You can learn a lot of cusswords this way. Some people even asked for refunds after only waiting 5 minutes for a response or without even calling tech support. And another thing is: They call you by phone at any time to complain about this issue.
    So learn from it and make sure your app will handle future serial number formats well.

  2. @Christian Schmitz
    I’ve had similar issues when I bought the rights to some software that had “upgrades for life” I got a ton of angry support email – even when the new license was free. I will never do the same thing again, but that’s a blog post for another day. 🙂

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