Review of REAL Studio 2010 Release 3

My review of REAL Studio 2010 Release 3 is up on the ARBP site.

Bottom line is that Cocoa isn’t ready for prime-time yet (obviously since it’s labeled as BETA), but it is nice to see what they’ve been working on.  I urge you to try it out and report the bugs you find (which shouldn’t be hard to find).  The more reports RS has on Cocoa bugs the better Cocoa will be eventually.

RBScript is still a mystery.  I don’t use it any of my projects and I don’t know of many developers using it.  With a new compiler (LVVM) behind it I expect it to break some projects.  Again, finding and reporting the bugs will help all of us.

Console applications being able to access the graphics classes seems like a recipe for disaster in certain situations.  If you use console apps a lot what is your opinion of this change?

What is your opinion of Cocoa, RBScript and Release 3 in general?  Did I get anything wrong?

8 thoughts on “Review of REAL Studio 2010 Release 3

  1. I’m not even going to bother with this one. My RBScripts crashed in the fc releases, and it doesn’t compile for Mac OS X 10.4. I’ll wait for 3.1. I don’t give a toss for Cocoa at this point in time – just a giant time sink testing alpha-level code. Also, the Einhugur plugins that I rely on are not yet working on Cocoa (much to my and Bjorn’s frustration).

  2. Graphics in console is nice. You can write now apps that batch process pictures much easier. I’ve updated most plugin functions for pictures to work with that new stuff in my 10.4pr8 plugins.
    2010r3 looks like a beta build in whole. Geoff already told that a 3.1 will come to fix the most important issues. But it’s always a shame that they didn’t test some things. For example loading my plugins on a 10.4 machine is an item on my todo list for a release. Just to make sure the plugins load there and we do not have a link error.
    On the cocoa side we have very basic errors like that I can’t show a plugin generated picture in a window backdrop. It’ll simply not draw.
    There is certainly more and I already got a few emails about things not working in RS (related to my plugins)…
    On the other hand I must say that it is good to have something. Now everyone can click together a Cocoa app in RS. Same for little helper apps using graphics. Start using them. Maybe there is a bug, but it can go away in the next release, if and only if you report it.

  3. @Geoff Perlman
    Because the implementation promises more than it’s able to deliver — RS chose to go the easy route and use libraries that are available *if a window manager exists*, but totally failed to take into account that many console applications (and even more service applications) can’t link against things like X11 or QuickTime because they won’t be installed.

  4. @Christian Schmitz

    When I used otool on the resulting framework dylib, I saw QuickTime, which is a *major* problem, and two dependencies on X11, which is also a problem. I did not test against a Linux framework (didn’t want to bother installing a VM for it).

  5. So I’m not even sure how to report this one. I went through six projects. Half were small, 2 were moderate sized and one was huge. I got the compiled app (if it got that far) to crash consistently for 4 of the 6. Finally the IDE crashed during a compile (might have been the project that uses an IDE script for some post processing).

    When I restarted REAL Studio, all 6 apps were able to compile. Though it looks like some container control code that worked in R2 no longer works in R3.

    Now the question is (as always), was it my large plugin collection, RStudio, or a combination of both? But why would it work better after a crash? Is it rebuilding the plugin cache?

    Another thing I’ve had happen occasionally (and I can’t reproduce it) is that RStudio just starts acting effing crazy. Logic just stops working. Breakpoints don’t work.

    Clearing the cache and restarting RStudio does NOT work. What seems to work is restarting my Mac. Yeah, RESTARTING my Mac.

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