Unsaved Changes Message

I ran into a problem with REAL Studio this week that was annoying.  The IDE hard crashed on me and it had tried to save the project (this is a good thing!).  When this happens you get a dialog the next time start REAL Studio that says:

“REAL Studio has found unsaved changes from a previous session.  Would you like to recover these changes?”

However, in this particular case I didn’t care about the changes so it was no big deal.  I clicked No and worked on the project.  Usually you never get the message again but I was every time I restarted REAL Studio.  Again, not a big deal, but it was annoying.

The fix was relatively simple (thanks to RS staff on this one).  On Mac OS X, REAL Studio puts files in the ~User/Library/Application Support/REAL Studio/RB2010 AutoSave Projects/ directory.  Sure enough when I looked in that directory there were some files that shouldn’t have been there.

I simply deleted them, restarted REAL Studio and the problem went away.  Voila!  Hopefully someone else will find this useful.

2 thoughts on “Unsaved Changes Message

  1. It happens very frequently on LInux, and files left in the ~/TmpRBData folder.
    Another special Linux feature. 😉

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