Atlanta REAL Studio Summit 2011 Call For Speakers

The Association of REALbasic Professionals and REAL Software are hosting a conference in Atlanta in March 2011.  The window to select speakers is about to close!  If you’re interested in speaking at the conference, I recommend you take a look at the Call for Speakers page on the ARBP site and sign up as soon as possible.

With this weeks major announcement from REAL Software about the new Web Edition, I know we’ll have at least one session at the conference devoted to it!  REAL Software confirmed this with me this afternoon.

So why go to conferences?  Good question.  Here’s a decent video about meeting folks in REAL Life: This video is about South by Southwest, but you get the point – the reasons are all valid for the REAL Studio Summit.

Many of the people I’ve met at the old REAL World conferences have become friends and I value that friendship greatly.  Without the REALbasic conferences I would not have made these friends.  Without the conferences there would not be an ARBP organization (which in turn would mean no more conferences).

I hope that you seriously consider the conference and if you have something to share I encourage you to sign up as a speaker.  Please do it quickly as we need to start making decisions on sessions.

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  1. Conferences are always a good thing. You read from dozens of developers in the mailing lists or on the forums, but this conference gives you a chance to meet them in person. Talk to them, ask questions and learn from them. And when you come back, you have a face and a voice in your mind when you read the next mail.

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