REAL Studio 2010 Release 4

Over on the ARBP site I’ve posted my initial REAL Studio 2010 Release 4 review.

Also, in a shameless plug for my REAL Studio training videos, I have an 18 minute companion video that goes into more detail at (free registration required to view the video).

More thoughts on this release in the future as I dig out from work.

4 thoughts on “REAL Studio 2010 Release 4

  1. Note that RBScript does not work at all on Mac PowerPC builds in 2010r4. This is a show-stopper for me. So much for regression testing. Apparently it has been fixed for 2010r5, but that’s little consolation.

  2. With FB 13110 fixed, sadly this is another release down the drain. Listboxes now needs focus to scroll and I have already gotten two support requests for “application frozen” as users expect listboxes to scroll without having focus. Back to trusty old 2009r5.1 again…. *sigh* Otherwise 10r4 seemed a good version to jump to.

    Days like this you are luck to have SubVersion as the Transparent setting for StaticText (introduced somewhere between 09r5.1 and 10r4 corrupts projects opened in 10r4 when opened in 09r5.1, I get the warning that the project is in a new format and then tons of compilation warnings about the Transparent setting but no way to change it as it is not visible in 09r5.1).

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