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Conferences are always a good way to get together like-minded individuals and share ideas and to get energized.  For those folks in Europe, the 2010 REAL Studio Conference is starting today (October 8th) in Koblenz, Germany.  For more information, see

The 2011 REAL Studio Summit is taking place in Atlanta, Georgia on March 19th and 20th.  ARBP announced early bird pricing this week of $250 with discounts available for the ARBP paid memberships.  Early bird pricing will remain in effect until the end of November 2010.  For more information see

The 2011 Summit is shaping up to be fun and interesting.  REAL Software has committed to three sessions with at least one of them being devoted to the Web Edition which will be relatively new at that point.  Another interesting twist is that one session will be about migrating from Visual FoxPro (yes, it’s still around and very much alive despite Microsoft trying to kill it off) to REAL Studio.  Take a look at the 2011 Summit page for the tentative sessions so far.

The summit will also have the official meeting of ARBP where we will decide upon the future of the organization.  All leadership positions are open and need to be filled.

I’ve already set the intention that I will not remain in a leadership role of ARBP.  If nominated for anything I will respectfully decline.  I helped birth ARBP with the help of a lot of good people and unfortunately we’ve lost a lot of those dedicated people due to various reasons.  Unfortunately, the many responsibilities of the organization have fallen largely on me – especially in the past year.  It’s essentially become a part-time job with no pay and while I love the organization it’s time to move on and it either lives or dies on its own.  Not that I’ll go away, but I can’t sustain the same level of commitment that I have now.

If you are interested in helping out, feel free to send us an email through the ARBP site at

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  1. Conference is going well. Today we had 20 participants and enjoyed a very nice day. We’ll continue tomorrow 🙂

    By the way a few people seem to be interested to actually fly to Atlanta for this conference. We’ll see who will come.


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