Review on R5 Pending R5.1

A couple people have asked me already asking if I will be doing a review of REAL Studio 2010 Release 5 (which was released this week).  The answer is, yes, of course.  However, I will be waiting until R5.1 for the full review since RS has already stated it is coming.

I’ll share some initial thoughts on R5:

  • Web Edition is interesting but it is only a 1.0 product.  There are more than a few quircks yet to be worked out from top to bottom and thus I can’t really recommend it for clients – yet.
  • I’m working on a major project using Web Edition.  For the most part it’s just like making desktop apps except the controls and events are slightly (if not irritatingly) different.
  • Unlearning 10 years of REALbasic habits is going to take a while since some things just aren’t possible right now (e.g. web page constructors don’t work quite the same way as they do in desktop apps).
  • I’m disappointed that RS does not have some good web app examples running on their website (or any website) by now.  This is the message it sends to potential users:  “Hey, look at this nifty new development tool for web apps.  It works even though we’re not showing anything on our website!  Trust us!  Really!  You’re going to love it!”
  • If you’re looking for something new or impressive for either desktop apps or more news on Cocoa then I’d say talk to me in 2011.

Anyway, more in-depth review and news when R5.1 comes out.

5 thoughts on “Review on R5 Pending R5.1

  1. FWIW, there are a lot of Cocoa bug fixes in R5. Also, we don’t have examples up mostly because we have been pouring our energy into the web framework itself. I’m sure we will have some examples hosted at our web site at some point.

  2. Well, the Web Edition isn’t of much interest to me, Cocoa is still alpha, and RBScript is STILL borked (for PowerPC builds). So it would seem I paid for 2010r3, 2010r4 and now 2010r5 – all unusable. Grumble. Book now for unusable 2011r1 (extrapolating).

  3. Warts and all it’s still a pretty impressive product. I don’t see anything like it in the market. Alpha Five probably has more “web like” interface tools but it’s been in development much longer and it really geared exclusively to creating databases (and it’s windows only – bleh!).

  4. @Joseph
    I spent a good portion of the day going through most of the controls in preparation for video training. I logged a lot of Feedback Reports but most were minor things. The WebListbox and WebTextControls are missing a lot of functionality that I want but all-in-all Web Edition is pretty impressive at 1.0. I expect 1.1 to fix most of the things I’ve reported.

    Figuring out to make more complex controls is critical, IMO to growth. Being able to quickly make date/time, numbers only, calculator fields, and more complex grids is critical IMO. Unfortunately, it looks like some of the events required to do some of those things just aren’t in the framework yet.

    There’s a lot of things it doesn’t do right now. But with a solid base, I expect it to get better.

  5. @Paul Rodman
    I think that when you see the IDE in Cocoa is when it’s safe to really start using Cocoa. Unfortunately, based on my current consulting projects and the video training, Web Edition takes all of my focus so I’ve not been able to test Cocoa – at all in R5. Maybe I’ll have a chance in the next couple of weeks….

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