Windows Functionality Suite Now Hosted by ARBP

Quick note.  ARBP is now hosting the Windows Functionality Suite.  Official announcement at

More info on Windows Functionality Suite at  We at BKeeney Software have found the Windows Functionality Suite to be very valuable in creating excellent Windows applications.  It has many functions that add the finishing touch to a Windows app that many users expect.

It was originally written by Aaron Ballman, a former engineer at REAL Software.  Since he no longer works for the company it has languished from lack of attention and in recent releases of REAL Studio it no longer works out of the box.  We are looking for a few individuals to help spearhead the effort to update it for use with modern versions of REAL Studio.  I don’t think it will take much work, just someone to be in charge of tracking and merging changes and maybe creating some new documentation and example projects.

4 thoughts on “Windows Functionality Suite Now Hosted by ARBP

  1. Cant seem to find 2.6???

    There are 3 versions 1.1, 2.5 and “current”. I would have suspected current was 2.6 but when compiling it still comes up with the lib errors

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