RB Developer Column: Face Time

The January/February 2011 edition of REAL Studio Developer magazine is out.  My regular column talks about the value of ‘face time’ and how, despite all of the electronic means available to us, of communicating with one another, sitting across the table with another person is a very powerful thing.

Sadly, we (BKS) meet very few of our clients face-to-face.  Those that we do have become more than just clients – they’re colleagues, partners, and sometimes even friends.

Personally, I think this is why I’m so excited about the REAL Studio conference coming up in March in Atlanta.  It’s a lot of work to put on a conference and do a presentation.  But past conferences have shown that I always come home very happy and jazzed about the things that I’ve learned and people I’ve met.  Exhausted?  Definitely!  But well worth it.
What about you?

14 thoughts on “RB Developer Column: Face Time

  1. Sadly the travel/accommodation costs always prevent me from attending these shindigs. That and the fact that they are held in unappealing places that don’t lend themselves to throwing in a mini-vacation as well (OK, I know that not everyone considers Austin, TX or Atlanta, GA “unappealing”, but I do. I was tempted by the Boulder, CO one, but I had other commitments).

  2. @Paul Rodman
    Part of the reason for Atlanta is that we have some Atlanta-area folks that are helping do some legwork. Plus, it was one of RS’ locations for their aborted regional events.

    I’m hoping that we can rotate the events to various parts of the country in the future. I would love to do a West/NorthWest Coast conference. Sonoma Valley anyone? (If so, can I skip the conference?)

    Any volunteers to be eyes and hands on the ground?

  3. Well, that would mean that someone must organize it. Maybe Norman could organize one in east Canada. Also you can ask Marc Zeedar for whether he helps for a west coast event (Portland area). I’d hope that REAL Software finally starts making some events again.

  4. I would like to add that something on the east coast near New York would be wonderful.
    Or maybe someone in San Francisco could organize an event close to WWDC so everyone attending WWDC could simply come a day or two earlier for a REAL Studio event?

  5. Apple did not announce it. But people guess for June 5th – June 10th as the Moscone Center lists a corporate event there.
    And certainly is west canada better for you, Norman. I just didn’t lookup your exact location.

  6. Currently agonizing over whether to go to Atlanta–it’s right down the road from me, but it’s also the weekend of the wrestling NCAA’s, and wrestling tournaments are the main thing I write software for…

    Anyway, NY would be ok, although I’d prefer Philadelphia in that region, and anywhere in Canada would be good (Montréal and Edmonton best).

  7. Ah, turns out the wrestling is sold out anyway. Perhaps I should come, host a viewing of the finals combined with a demo of some of my stuff…

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