FTP and Web Edition Applications

This bit of information came to light yesterday.  Some people (in the beta list) were having issues getting their Web Edition apps made in REAL Studio working on their website.  I’ve even had several people contact me offlist asking for help because I have a couple of them working on my (soon to be defunct) web host at:


http://www.bkeeney.com/cgi-bin/FunFactsChart/funfactschart.cgi (non-working Chart Director)


The problem it seems is the FTP client they were using to transfer their files to their server.  Their FTP clients were set to Auto in determining the file type and was somehow screwing it up.  They reset their FTP client to transfer files as binary and all is good in their world.  Filezilla seems to have been the culprit for a few of the developers reporting the issue.

Hopefully this post will help others.

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  1. Zip your content. Upload. Unzip on the server side. In case of corruption you’ll see it when uncompressing.

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